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Chocolate pear puddings

3 May

chocolate pear pudding

Chocolate pear puddings are a good recipe to have up your sleeve when you hadn’t been planning to make dessert, but pester power prevails.

They’re quick to make, use basic store cupboard ingredients, and are definitely more than the sum of their parts.

Other soft fruits work as well – I’ve made these puddings with raspberries and bananas when I was pear-less and they were just as nice.

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8 Apr

Crumpets are one of those British foods I’ve never warmed to. They somehow manage to be both spongy and rubbery, under- and over-cooked, and despite their blandness, leave me wishing they tasted of less.

Crumpets would never have made my list of things to cook at home, but Lyra was keen so we gave them a try… Continue reading