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The World Cup food winner for 2014 is…

13 Jul

Colombia with their unbeatable barras de limón! Group C was the group of death in our tournament – both the Ivory Coast and Greece would have gone through from almost any other group.

The four of us rated each dish or meal out of ten, which I then averaged. If I cooked more than one dish from a particular country, I averaged all the dishes into one score. This tended to give single dessert countries like Colombia an advantage. Portugal’s pasteis de nata outscored the barras de limón – in fact, they earned the only 10 in the tournament – but scored lower overall, due to averaging with the more wholesome caldo verde.

Where two countries tied, I used Facebook likes as a penalty shoot-out. (This allowed Russia to pip Algeria for second place in Group H, and gave Japan the edge over Italy in the second round.)

Still, Colombia was a worthy winner with an impressive 9.8, and Portugal did win a well-deserved third place.