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Panqueqas de carne

13 Jul


We opened our World Cup food project with this Brazilian meal of panqueqas de carne and cabbage salad on 12 June, and it seems fitting to end on the same note. Actually, the main reason I’ve cooked it again is because I had no intention of creating a blog, and didn’t bother taking any photos. Plus, we had a gas leak that afternoon, which meant unexpectedly cooking dinner on a hot plate, and I started drinking caiparinhas before I’d done any cooking… The recipe is from the Latin Kitchen website, but this time round I modified it a bit and added more spice to the sauce and filling, as we all found it a bit bland. Continue reading

Blini bar

11 Jul


Dinner tonight was what we call a “blini bar” (a meal we usually eat over the Christmas holidays) to mark Russia’s presence in the World Cup. I fry up a batch of blini, which I serve with a range of toppings: smoked salmon, creme fraiche, mackerel paté, chopped egg, pantzarosalata, and maybe some lumpfish caviar (which weirdly, Lyra seems to love). If we get tired of savoury toppings, we eat the rest with jam. They also freeze well. Most blini recipes seem to have yeast in them, but I’ve always been happy with this recipe: Continue reading

Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

22 Jun


These are the pancakes my mum used to make, which I included in Fern’s Food. We’ve played around with different recipes over the years, but have pretty much settled on this one now. Continue reading