Introducing World Cup food 2014

2 Jun

About a month before World Cup 2014 started, Adam became obsessed with collecting Panini stickers of all the competing teams. He engaged Lyra in his pursuit, and I eventually got drawn in as well, helping him maintain his own/swap/need lists for the Facebook trading group, posting envelopes, and feeling a worrying sense of satisfaction when we finally received a Ben Halloran sticker in the post from a man in Monmouth and completed the Australia team.

Our older daughter Nova was completely unmoved by the football fever gripping the rest of the house. Thinking about how to make the World Cup a whole family event, I came up with the idea of cooking something from each of the 32 competing nations over the course of competition.

In the group stage, we will try to eat a country’s food on the day they are competing. I’ve made some predictions about which teams are likely to advance, but no doubt we’ll end up eating some meals dedicated to teams after they’ve gone out.

We’ll be scoring the dishes as we eat, to award our own World Cup winner for 2014…

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